JanPravad is one of the effectual and largest selling hindi language newspaper of North India which has been popular among different locations in India.With this specific newspaper users would be able to get the latest updates about different domains that includes the national,international, and local. One could collect the information related to politics,sports,weather,education along with the entertainment updates. JanPravad is not only limited to one specific region,It has it’s readers in different locations such as Noida,Faridabad,Gurgaon,Greater Noida, Bulandshahr,Meerut including the other important places of Delhi/Ncr.It is the fastest growing newspaper and it has been expected that in the coming future it would add enough number of readers to it’s reading network.Those who wants may access it through using the online mode.

In addition to the news and current affairs JanPravad is also serving in other different domains.Individuals would also get the chance to access magazines that would be fruitful according to the knowledge point of view.By the help of these magzines one could collect information related to current affairs.

With the comparable other media groups that is currently present in the market we helps our users through the convergent content for media across the all types of mobile screens and devices.However we also publish the new content and editorial over the internet portal.Anyone who wants to access the news through the internet portal could find the daily edition through the e-paper.These e-papers regularly updated round the clock with the help of the editors through the breaking news.Not only this we are also available with the mobile portal over all the Android phones so, that the users may read the news from anywhere and everywhere.

We are one of the largest newspaper production and distribution platform and got enough number of readers.Million of copies are published on daily basis and we do the distribution through the largest marketing network that involves the direct cash sale depots,distribution centers,newspaper agents including the vendors.The state of Uttar Pradesh is one of the key market that has the major contribution in the popularity of the JanPravad.

It our belief that in the upcoming time JanPravad would create the better influence over the readers and meet all the major criteria that would required make it number one.

We are trying to add more and more better qualitative features in it so, that the readers would be delighted and could get the better outputs.