Our Business

Gain a sneak look into our business and what we do here at JanPravad!.

We are mainly contributing in the news publication business which comprising of newspaper in different languages and even we are helping the readers with magazines, that is fully fledged with current updates.We publish Hindi daily newspapers, Dainik JanPravda, which is published in the Hindi edition, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, across various regions, including Delhi/NCR in North India. The company was established in 2013, and today’s it is one of the most leading Hindi language daily newspaper in the state of Uttar Pradesh. We have a team of dedicated and experienced employees over 100 people.

We welcome our gathering of people to take an interest in the journalism (Media Industry) development, in an assortment of ways which included crowd-sourcing, a group of online journals, and numerous different methods. We just want to say clear one thing, that we are not searching for free employment, in fact, we want to work with a framework that benefits participants past a gesture of congratulations. However, we desire to promote the top most and advance a multi-directional stream of News and Information in which the readers play an important role and enjoy the reading of their favorite news with ‘Danik JanPravad’.

What Are Our Products & Services?

At JanPravad, we provide local news from North Indian districts, towns & all across the world. Please have a look at few our products & services associated with this Newspaper.

  • Social updates
  • Sport updates
  • Career updates
  • Economic updates
  • Adhyatmik updates
  • Live Weather updates
  • Astrology & Horoscope updates
  • Stock Updates
  • Share market updates
  • Miscellaneous updates
  • Share articles, photos and videos via email and social media
  • Post News and Share Articles
  • Exclusive Campaigns for readers

We want to clarify one thing is that through accessing our services, the customers would be benefited one or the other way because it’s a complete package where they could they access to news of different categories. We ensure that no one would regret or get the chance to complain about this Newspaper. The company believes in a passion for excellence, so therefore, its work as a team and ensures that the customers would advantages, at every level. The workplace is stuffed with dynamic, talented and experienced people with innovation skills. This thing makes special to provide rapidly develop various programs which engage the readers.

Hence, want to get more information or any share valuable feedback about a business suggestion for JanPravad, write to us at info@janpravad.in